Consumer trends toward healthy indulgence and calorie reduction have reshaped the beverage landscape. Consumers are  now looking for healthier options without compromising on taste and our beverage solutions can help you broaden appeal by reducing sugar, adding functional fiber, and including protein in your brand’s portfolio.


Beverage Applications

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PROMITOR® Soluble Fiber

PROMITOR® Soluble Fiber is transparent and highly soluble, making it ideal for beverage manufacturers looking to increase brand appeal or expand in the nutritional drink category. Boasting superior digestive tolerance, clean taste, consumer-friendly labeling and ease of use, PROMITOR® is the ideal ingredient for fiber enrichment.

SPLENDA® Sucralose

From flavored sparkling water to fruit juices, we can help develop your product opportunities. SPLENDA® Sucralose has an excellent taste profile and blends well with other sweeteners in many beverages. It is a versatile ingredient, ideal for use in low-pH formulas with stable performance. SPLENDA® Sucralose can help to reduce costs by enabling drinks manufacturers to simultaneously reduce sugar and calories in their products.

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PUREFRUIT® Monk Fruit Extract

PUREFRUIT® Monk Fruit Extract can help you deliver premium beverages with great taste and sucrose-like mouthfeel, without all those calories. From juices to teas, flavored water to carbonated drinks, PUREFRUIT® Monk Fruit Extract is an ideal choice for your naturally sweetened products.

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